Welcome to all things badgery for the Daventry area. We are a new group so this site is still being developed; please bear with us.Our work involves:

  • * surveying and recording setts on our database

  • * monitoring setts to ensure they are not damaged or attacked

  • * badger rescues

  • * checking and recording road traffic accidents involving badgers, and trying to identify the relevant sett

  • * educating the public on badgers and their legal protection

  • * providing advice on planning and development issues involving badger setts

  • * liaising with Northamptonshire Police Wildlife Crimes Unit.

We also have a Facebook page - search for Daventry Badgers!

Contact us at: daventrybadgers@icloud.com

List title
  • Interference of setts

    If you find that a sett has been either dug out (look for spade marks) or has been filled in with any sort of material (usually soil) please let us know. This is illegal. Fox hunts commonly fill in badger setts to prevent hunted foxes seeking refuge when being chased. Although hunting with dogs is a criminal act, all hunts still chase and kill live animals during their meets. Please report illegal hunting on 999 - but stay safe! Hunt riders and supporters are often violent.

  • Planning and development

    Any company/person planning to develop land where live badger setts are located MUST have permission to interfere with the sett. A survey must take place and a licence will be required. They will often  try to get away without doing this as it can delay the project and increase costs of the project. BUT the owners will have inspected land before purchase so will have factored this in, whatever posturing they take about animals stopping the buildings going up! We can only delay the process until a plan is agreed on to encourage the badgers to leave the sett. Contact us on daventrybadgers@icloud.com

  • Badger RTAs

    If you find a deceased badger that has been involved in a vehicle accident, if it is safe for you to do so, please make a note of its location and email the details to daventrybadgers@icloud.com

Please help us build a database of all live badger setts in the area. We need location, including a 6-figure grid reference, signs of activities (latrines, trails, fresh bedding, fresh soil, footprints, coat hair etc.)  Contact us at daventrybadgers@icloud.com

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